Tuesday, January 10, 2012

bio386, spring 2012 log

-> exam question: yeast gene in FASTA format, calculate its length, find out
 mean ORF length.

partion H2O2-LOH data to bio320 classes for assignment

Exam 2-> deg factor on salary

-> bayesian network modeling?
-> bio320 projects: story paper, morphology, expression; wynter gwa study; realibility simulation and threshold trait;

=> 2012 Feb 21
 Dropbox account creation for projects
 Levy's presentation and explanation of data;
 Go over research projects;
 Pubmed and Google scholar search to find the most recent protein interaction network data in S. cerevisiae.

=>2012 Jan 26, 3.zip. The exercises take the entire class,

=>2012 Jan 23Tue discuss my MRI proposal

=>2012 Jan 19Thu
 proofread an NSF proposal. 5 students, working 3 groups. 5 pages per group.

=> Jan 17, 2012 Tues
work through salary example. R2 and p-value take a long time.
One students ask for open-ended qustions. I asked them study
'deg' effect on 'salary', 'gender', and 'rank'.

=> Jan 12, 2012 Thursday
hp laptops usages
Moodle site
go over syllabus, writing milestones
previous student projects, and posters
install R, Rstudio, notepad++,
worked on simple.R
assignment: watch youtube videos, 1st ppt, salary.R