Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sync Exchange Mail to Apple iOS

OSX external backup disk cannot be mounted.

Tried Disk Utility, it cannot fix the disk.

I then let default fsck_hfs run to fix it by default, based on,

'top' shows that 'fsck_hfs' was running when "Horizon green backup disk" was connected to "byte".

Byte-4:~ hqin$ ls /dev/disk*
/dev/disk0 /dev/disk0s2 /dev/disk1 /dev/disk1s2
/dev/disk0s1 /dev/disk0s3 /dev/disk1s1
Byte-4:~ hqin$ ps -ef | grep fsck
    0   623    16   0 12:31AM ??        21:22.89 /System/Library/Filesystems/hfs.fs/Contents/Resources/./fsck_hfs -y /dev/disk1s2
  502   741   451   0  1:07AM ttys001    0:00.00 grep fsck
Byte-4:~ hqin$ df -hl
Filesystem                          Size   Used  Avail Capacity   iused    ifree %iused  Mounted on
/dev/disk0s2                       698Gi  506Gi  191Gi    73% 132783864 50149878   73%   /

localhost:/bCr671Ajn4MZTpa3yc_-X4  698Gi  698Gi    0Bi   100%         0        0  100%   /Volumes/MobileBackups

In the evening, the disk was finally fixed and mounted. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

discussions on biology big data storage and analysis

Sanger ftp site?

discussion on math modeling for sbio115

With MA and DH

DH: Modeling need to address real problems.

=> plant Form and function in sbio115:

plant nutrients
 - essential nutrients.

transportation in celery stalk (transpiration, stomata),
 transportation data was messy.

-> shade responses mediated by phyotchromes
phytochroms in two forms: Pr form, Pfr form, influenced by red and far-red photons.

-> Plant growth models:
plant growth model +/- iron. experiment done in petri dish.
use dry-weight to measure growth of plants (arabdopsis).
DH: how iron influence growth function? Can simulation enhance the actual learning objective?

Using various models to model the sigmoidal growth curves?

"Why modeling?" ---> Prediction, Quantification. (but would this impress the unders?)
Every model is a hypothesis. Different model fitting are quantitative way to test different hypotheses.

Learning objective should use "verb" students be able to do sth. "Understand" is a state of mind, not measurable.

Use sigmoid effects to explain the growth-limiting effect of certain nutrients?
Growth function = Growth_Function(Fe) X Growth_Function(N)
Overall Fitness is a production

Viner systesm with O2 and CO2 sensors for a leaf in a chamber.

Large seeds took longer time to show effect of soil on growth.

water transport in celery stalk.
water with dye, traverling up the stalk.
Plants tend to close stomata during dark, thereby reduces transpiration. (However, there is some adjustment time).

xylen, minerals from bottom to up,
pholem, sugar from up to bottom,

Pressure gradient in plants
water pressure in plants, always negative, highly in roots, lowest in leaves,

=> Animal form and function in SBIO115
 -> hormonal feedback regulation
  positive and negative feedback?

 -> Hemoglobin-oxygene dissociation curve

-> negative feedback : homeostatis
-> positive feedback: more commons in developmental stage? pattern formation? 

-> Glucose homoestatis

Mathematical model for cancer growth

West, G. B., Brown, J. H. & Enquist, B. J. A general model for ontogenetic growth. Nature 413, 628-631, doi:

=> What's out there on the modeling aspect?

Learning Outcomes: 
 Exposure to q-bio. student attitude change towards quantitative modeling and computational studies (tools). Interests to take up-level qbio, math and cs courses? 
 Thinking mechanistically, "think deeper"
 What's kind of outcomes to convince other faculty to buy-in the qbio approach?

biology and math, reference on undergraduate education

2020 vision for biology: role of plants in addressing grand challenges in biology, 2008.

grant challenges in plant systems biology: closing the circles. Femie 2012

new frontiers for organismal biology, 2013, BioScience.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

*** national health and aging trend study

national health and aging trend study

fMRI data

brain aging and statistical network modeling

computing for high school students

CPSC5210 Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms

CPSC 5210 - Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms

(3) Credit Hours 

Algorithm design techniques including divide and conquer, greedy method, dynamic programming, search and traversal, backtracking, branch and bound, graph algorithms. Introduction to the theory of NP-completeness and to methods of coping with NP-complete problems. Introduction to parallel algorithms. Prerequisite: CPSC 5010 or placement, or department head approval. Standard letter grade. Differential Course Fee will be assessed.

CPSC2100 Software Design and Development, and references

CPSC 2100 - Software Design and Development

(3) Credit Hours 

A study of the analysis, design and implementation phases of software systems development using a phased life cycle approach. Process, data and object oriented development models. Introduction to modeling tools and CASE software. Team approaches to software development. Project management concepts. Prerequisite: CPSC 1110 with a minimum grade of C or department head approval. Differential course fee will be assessed.

CPSC 160 or CPSC 1110 with a grade of C or better.

textbook in spring 2016
1.     Required:
·       Object-Oriented Design and Patterns, 2nd Edition, Horstmann, Wiley,
ISBN: 978-0-471-74487-0
2.     References:
·       Big Java, 4th edition, Horstmann, Wiley,
ISBN: 970-0-470-50948-2
·       System Analysis and Design, 4th edition, Dennis, Wixom and Tegarden, Wiley,

ISBN: 978-1-118-03742-3

Software Development with C++: Maximizing Reuse with Object Technology

Software design patterns
software design using C++

C++ courses at MIT

CS1 and 2, St Vicent

C++ OOD design course

Free C++ books


CPSC 1110 Data Structures and Program Design (Non-IA course)

Course Description

Continued development of programming style using abstract data structures and top-down design. Debugging and testing of large programs. Emphasis on algorithm development. List processing. Recursion. (Stacks, trees, searching and sorting.) Lecture 3 hours, laboratory 2 hours. Prerequisites: CPSC 1100 with a minimum grade of C and MATH 1720 or MATH 1830 or MATH 1910 or MATH 1920 with a minimum grade of C or department head approval.  Laboratory/studio course fee will be assessed. Supplementary course fee assessed.

John V. Guttag is the Dugald C. Jackson Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at MIT.
Paperback | $45.00 X | £37.95 | 472pp. | 7 x 9 in | 258 figures | August 2016 | ISBN: 9780262529624

An Introduction to Programming using PYTHON - David I. Schneider  ISBN 978-0-13-405822-1

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

AMNIS image flow cytometery

AMNIS, part of Millipore
FlowSight (smaller one, bench top), 20X 4-laser
20X (1 um per pixel)

ImageStream Mark II (full feature model), 20X, 40X, 60X, 405, 488, 561, 642 lasers
12 channels, 2 camera system
60X 0.33um per pixel

interactive GUI, each point can be clikced to show the cell image.


Aspect ratio, area of CD19-AF488 imagery
Valley mask

water quality test

R package for image-flow cytometer analysis?

IDEAS image analysis software, 85 features per channel.

signal to noise ratio? RD, a seperation ratio. Question on multiple-test correction. Rep suggested repeated experiments.

Machine learning methods to pick features or transformation of features?

Example on hematopoietic stem cells.

Quantify RBC heterogeneity.

3rd party software: ViSNE, cell profile, etc.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

TAGC 2016 Report (exported from meeting app)

TAGC 2016 Report

Session Notes

PgmNr D1530/B: flyDIVaS: A database for genus- and genome- wide divergence and selection in Drosophila.

Craig Stanley
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P2020/B: How a Framework for Evolutionary Systems Biology Can Accelerate Reproducible Modeling of Mechanistic Fitness Landscapes.

Laurence Loewe
Thumbs Up

PgmNr D197: Highly accurate prediction of early anterior-posterior enhancer sequences from ChIP-seq data.

Hamutal Arbel
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P377: QTL mapping for hitchhiking behavior in C. elegans reveals evolutionary trade-off between dispersal and reproduction.

Daehan Lee
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P381: Steps toward reproducible research.

Karl Broman
Thumbs Up

Beyond cerevisiae: Exploiting yeast diversity in nature to understand genome evolution in diverse environments

Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y517: NGS for 'No-pain Genetic Screens': Using transposons and Next-Gen Sequencing to unveil all important yeast loci in one go.

Agnes Michel
Thumbs Up

PgmNr D227: Invasion dynamics in the fly gut microbiome.

Benjamin Obadia
Thumbs Up

PgmNr M299: Adenoma Susceptibility Modulated by Variable Complex Gut Microbiota in a Rat Model of Familial Colon Cancer.

Susheel Bhanu Busi
Thumbs Up

PgmNr M298: Genetic inhibition of MTOR during thymic Pre-T LBL development delays tumorigenesis and points to the IRF4-CDK6 pathway as a potential target in the treatment of T-ALL/LBL.

Beverly Mock
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P388: Cryptic genetic variation and the evolution of complex traits.

Annalise Paaby
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P380: Deep sequencing of whole transcriptomes across the Drosophila Genetic Reference Panel.

Logan Everett
Thumbs Up

Complex Trait Evolution (P)

Karl Broman / Daehan Lee / Kjong-Van Lehmann / Yun Ding / Logan Everett / Bashir Bello / Wolfgang Busch / Lauren McIntyre
Thumbs Up

PgmNr J8: Fishing for the secrets of stickleback and human evolution.

David Kingsley
Thumbs Up

PgmNr J5: The Fred Kavli Foundation Distinguished Lecture: Flexibility and variability in behavior at the gene-environment interface.

Cori Bargmann
Thumbs Up

PgmNr D1067/A: Tousled-like kinase regulates G2/M transition through Tak1 to activate p38a MAPK.

Gwo-Jen Liaw
Thumbs Up

PgmNr E8020/B: Using the Yeast Mating Response to Study Genetics and Cell Biology: From the Biology Lab to the Computer Lab and Back.

Michelle Mondoux
Thumbs Up

Spotlight on Undergraduate Research using Genetics Research Models

Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y504: Extrachromosomal Circular DNA – A Key Player in Creation of Copy Number Variation?

Henrik Møller
Thumbs Up

PgmNr M296: The function of the histone demethylase KDM1A (LSD1) in Tau mediated neurodegeneration.

David Katz
Thumbs Up

PgmNr M293: Genetic control of the epigenetic landscape.

Christopher Baker
Thumbs Up

Epigenetics (M)

Jeannie Lee / David Katz / Gregory Carter / Christopher Baker / Nora Engel / Stefan Pinter / Weipeng Mu
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P356: ­­­Evidence for the interspecies transfer of a driving X chromosome.

Christopher Leonard
Thumbs Up

PgmNr D194: Natural variation in binding site affinity controls stochastic gene expression in the fly eye.

Caitlin Anderson
Thumbs Up

Regulation of Gene Expression I (D)

Christine Rushlow / Shawn Little / Hongtao Chen / Justin Crocker / Caitlin Anderson / Robin Fropf / Hamutal Arbel / Robert Zinzen
Thumbs Up

PgmNr D190: Modulation of bursting kinetics generates specific gene expression rates in the early embryo.

Shawn Little
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P365: The Critical Functions Encoded by Synonymous Sites.

Heather Machado
Thumbs Up

YGM Lifetime Achievement Award: James Broach and Scientific Session Stress Sensing and Damage Control (Y)

Paul Magwene / Tina Sing / Sylvain Huard / David Stieg / Jessica Lao / James Broach / Peter Stirling
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y3161/B: Unbiased functional annotation of compound libraries using yeast chemical genomics.

Sheena Li
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y518: Exploring Functional Genetic Suppression Interactions on a Global Scale.

Jolanda van Leeuwen
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y515: Scalable tools for the quantitative analysis of chemical-genetic interactions from sequencing-based chemical-genetic interaction screens.

Scott Simpkins
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y511: A global yeast genetic network maps cellular function.

Michael Costanzo
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y494: A cytokinesis checkpoint.

Eric Weiss
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P346: Investigating cryptic genetic variation through position effect variegation in a panel of Drosophila melanogaster inbred lines.

Joyce Kao
Thumbs Up

Haematopoiesis and Vascular Biology (Z)

Erica Bresciani / Anming Meng / Hilary Clay / Weijun Pan / Brant Weinstein / Zhen Jiang / Naguissa Bostaille / Makoto Kobayashi
Thumbs Up

Population Genetics (P)

Alexander Platt / Jody Hey / Hosseinali Asgharian / Ryan Gutenkunst / Guillaume Charron / Stephen Christy / Olaitan Awe / Ivana Cvijovic
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y514: High throughput protein-protein interaction sequencing using iSeq.

Zhimin Liu
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y512: A programmable sensor for protein solubility in yeast uncovers ecological prion-switching factors.

Gregory Newby
Thumbs Up

Cancer (Z)

Joan Heath / Ana Neto / Myron Ignatius / Andrew Cox / Rodney Stewart / Qin Tang / Charles Williams / Minna Roh-Johnson
Thumbs Up

Cancer and Immunology (M)

Tyler Jacks / Beverly Mock / Hui Zong / Clare Smith / Kendra Williams / Susheel Bhanu Busi / Kent Hunter
Thumbs Up

Yeast Evolution in and out of the Lab (Y)

Aashiq Kachroo / Joel McManus / Sara Hanson / Seungsoo Kim / Henrik Møller / Barbara Dunn / Joseph Schacherer / Rohith Srivas
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P364: The fitness landscape of a tRNA gene.

Chuan Li
Thumbs Up

Molecular Evolution (P)

Heather Machado / Meihua Kuang / Benjamin Wilson / Chuan Li / Amy Lawton-Rauh / Felix Feyertag / Julia Piper / Rafik Neme
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y500: The Quick and the Dead: Single-cell Demography at the Yeast Thermal Limit.

Paul Magwene
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P357: The mutational structure of metabolism in Caenorhabditis elegans.

Charles Baer
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P354: Decomposing intra-genomic heterogeneity in mutation bias in coding sequences.

Cedric Landerer
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P351: CRISPR-directed mitotic recombination enables genetic mapping without crosses.

Meru Sadhu
Thumbs Up

Mutation & Recombination (P)

Charles Baer / Vaughn Cooper / Beth Dumont / Richard Wang / Cedric Landerer / Christopher Leonard / Thomas Peterson / Meru Sadhu
Thumbs Up

Emerging Technologies - Imaging (Z)

Keith Cheng / Kohei Hatta / Francesca Tuazon / Ben Cox / Nicola Lockwood / Antonio Ortiz / Yifu Ding / Ravindra Peravali
Thumbs Up

PgmNr M253: 3D image analysis of embryonic lethal mutations: An IMPC/KOMP2 resource.

Mary Dickinson
Thumbs Up

Cryptic Variation and Robustness (P)

Joyce Kao / Xinzhu Wei / J. David Van Dyken / Jonathan Fitz Gerald / Kerry Geiler-Samerotte / Thanat Chookajorn
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P344: The genomic architecture of interactions between natural polymorphisms and environments in yeast growth.

Xinzhu Wei
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P347: The cost of noise in biochemical reactions and the evolutionary limits of cellular robustness.

J. David Van Dyken
Thumbs Up

PgmNr J7: Of mice, men and birds: meiotic recombination and its evolution.

Molly Przeworski
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y506: The 1002 yeast genomes project.

Joseph Schacherer
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y507: Integrative Analysis of the Variation in the Regulatory Network Among Strains of Yeast.

Rohith Srivas
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P358: Ongoing duplicate gene resolution shapes diversified metabolic networks: a functional comparative study of two yeast GALalactose utilization networks.

Meihua Kuang
Thumbs Up

PgmNr D1269/B: Receptor-based Mapping Reveals the Architecture of a Neural Circuit that Governs a Behavioral Sequence in Drosophila.

Feici Diao
Thumbs Up

Neural Circuits, Neurophysiology and Behavior (Z)

Idan Elbaz / Erik Duboué / Alessandro Filosa / Timothy Erickson / Anna Kramer / Mingyong Wang / Manxiu Ma / Roshan Jain
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Z624: MECP2-IGF1 signaling determines how neural circuits interpret sensory information.

Nicholas Santistevan
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P338: Effect of Genetic Architecture and Sample Size on the Accuracy of Genomic Prediction of Complex Traits.

Fabio Morgante
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P339: A Powerful Yeast Mapping Panel for Complex Trait Genetics.

Daniel Skelly
Thumbs Up

PgmNr W420: Caenorhabditis Genetics Center (CGC).

Aric Daul
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y469: A cradle-to-grave analysis of cis-regulatory variation in yeast.

Jennifer Andrie
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y471: Stress-dependent transcriptome changes serve to reallocate translational capacity during stress acclimation.

Yi-Hsuan Ho
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P323: Drosophila melanogaster-specific genes rapidly evolved strong fitness effects.

Nicholas VanKuren
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P325: Genome-wide signals of adaptation in mammals and the arms race with viruses.

David Enard
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y485: Genetic and environmental backgrounds constrain the course of evolutionary rescue by compensatory mutations.

Véronique Hamel
Thumbs Up

Lee Hartwell Lecture: Susan Gasser and Scientific Session: Tackling Human Disease Using Yeast (Y)

Susan Gasser / Mert Icyuz / Lai Wong / Robert Reid / Véronique Hamel / Quan Zhong / Neta Agmon
Thumbs Up

PgmNr W403: Quantitative analysis of context-dependent regulation by the Wnt pathway at single cell resolution.

John Murray
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P316: The hidden complexity of Mendelian inheritance in natural populations.

Joseph Schacherer
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y468: Genome-wide detection of genomic fluctuations in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Kim Palacios Flores
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P321: Diverse genetic architectures lead to the same cryptic phenotype in a yeast cross.

Ian Ehrenreich
Thumbs Up

PgmNr J4: Accelerating Insights from Basic Genetics.

Francis Collins
Thumbs Up

Genetics and Determinants of Health Joint Plenary Session (J)

Harry Dietz / Amita Sehgal / Leonard Zon / Francis Collins
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y3050/B: Membrane trafficking underlies aging and rejuvenation.

Kiersten Henderson
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y3016/A: Regulation of lifespan by phosphate starvation response factors in budding yeast.

Yukio Mukai
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y3010/A: Regulation of lifespan by vitamin B₆ metabolism-related genes in yeast.

Yuka Kamei
Thumbs Up

PgmNr D1529/A: Enhanced orthology data in FlyBase.

Steven Marygold
Thumbs Up

PgmNr D1528/C: Model organism analysis using InterMine.

Rachel Lyne
Thumbs Up

PgmNr D1339/C: Untargeted metabolomics elucidates the role of diet and triglyceride storage in Drosophila melanogaster larvae.

Vishal Oza
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y510: The 3D organization of the diploid Saccharomyces genome.

Seungsoo Kim
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y497: Protein sequestration after genotoxic stress regulates splicing.

Peter Stirling
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y496: 'Flipping the Switch': ROS-induced degradation of Med13 by SCFGrr1 mediates mitochondrial fragmentation and cell death.

David Stieg
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y489: Systematic functional analysis of resistance-conferring mutations.

Lai Wong
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y488: Genome-Wide Analysis in Yeast to Identify Molecular Targets Promoting Readthrough.

Mert Icyuz
Thumbs Up

PgmNr W4120/C: SSBD: an open database of quantitative data and microscopy images of biological dynamics.

Yukako Tohsato
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y3191/B: Integrating Post-Translational Modification Data into the Saccharomyces Genome Database.

Sage Hellerstedt
Thumbs Up

PgmNr D1530/B: flyDIVaS: A database for genus- and genome- wide divergence and selection in Drosophila.

Craig Stanley
Thumbs Up

PgmNr D1526/A: REDfly: The Regulatory Element Database for Drosophila.

Marc Halfon
Thumbs Up

PgmNr D160: Features and Applications of FlyCircuit Database – From Fluorescent Images to the Drosophila Connectome.

Chi-Tin Shih
Thumbs Up

Physiology, Organismal Growth & Aging (D)

Thumbs Up

Physiology, Organismal Growth & Aging (D)

William Ludington / Annick Sawala / Xueyang Pan / Xun Huang / Francesca Froldi / Jessica Tang / Bruno Hudry / Michele Shirasu-Hiza
Thumbs Up

PgmNr W421: Genetic Background and Experimental Reproducibility Play Critical Roles in Identifying Chemical Compounds with Robust Positive Effects on Longevity.

Mark Lucanic
Thumbs Up

Aging and Cell Death (W)

Rebecca Kaplan / Nicole Iranon / Marissa Fletcher / Ryan Haley / Mark Lucanic / Sean Curran
Thumbs Up

Getting Even More Out of SGD

Thumbs Up

Using CyVerse Cyberinfrastructure to Enable Data Intensive Research, Collaboration, and Education

Thumbs Up

The InterMOD Consortium: A common interface to model organism data

Thumbs Up

Model Systems in Drug Discovery

Thumbs Up

Finding Funding

Thumbs Up

MOD (FlyBase, MGI, SGD, WormBase, Zfin) Demo Room Open for Tutorials and Discussions

Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y3155/B: Global analysis of genes and metabolites influencing chronological lifespan.

Haley Albright
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y3044/B: Mitochondria as signaling organelles in aging.

Vladimir Titorenko
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P376: Large scale splicing QTL analysis of cancer genomes.

Kjong-Van Lehmann
Thumbs Up

PgmNr D1322/A: Genetic and mathematical dissection of tumor heterogeneity that triggers cancer progression.

Masato Enomoto
Thumbs Up

PgmNr W429: Developing quantitative resource for computational analysis from images of C. elegans embryogenesis in a public database Phenobank.

Yukako Tohsato
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y530: An unexpected role for casein kinases in glucose sensing and signaling.

Chris Snowdon
Thumbs Up

PgmNr M314: Cas9 RNA-guided nuclease gene editing – rapid disease modeling in mice.

Lauryl Nutter
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P396: Can epistasis or GxE be predictable? Lessons from mitonuclear interactions in Drosophila.

David Rand
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P392: High-throughput measurements of the evolutionary consequences of epistasis.

José Rojas Echenique
Thumbs Up

CRISPR-based Genome Engineering

Thumbs Up

Automated Tracking for Quantitative Phenotyping

Thumbs Up

An Introduction to Using Galaxy for Genetic Data Analysis

Thumbs Up

Finding Funding

Thumbs Up

modMetabolome: Model Organism Metabolomics Consortium Workshop

Thumbs Up

Systems Genetics in Complex Populations

Thumbs Up

Plenary Session 2: Systems Biology (W)

Itai Yanai / Oliver Hobert / Mike Boxem / Aric Daul
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P336: Fitness pleiotropy and the phenotypic basis of adaptation in experimentally evolving yeast.

Sandeep Venkataram
Thumbs Up

PgmNr P334: Using network theory to infer and analyze population structure from genetic data.

Gili Greenbaum
Thumbs Up

James F. Crow Symposium (P)

Daniel Hartl / Emily Behrman / Sarah Sander / Heath Blackmon / Matthew S Ackerman / Gili Greenbaum / Sandeep Venkataram / Bret Payseur
Thumbs Up

Population Genomics (P)

Thumbs Up

Human Disease Models (M)

Thumbs Up

Hematopoiesis and Vascular Biology (Z)

Thumbs Up

Genome Stability and Dynamics (C)

Thumbs Up

Evolution & Quantitative Genetics (D)

Thumbs Up

Comparative Genomics, Computational Methods & Evolution (M)

Thumbs Up

Cell Cycle & Cell Death (D)

Thumbs Up

Cancer (Z)

Thumbs Up

Aging and Cell Death (W)

Thumbs Up

PgmNr W408: CRISPR-mediated synthetic genetic analysis reveals genetic interactions among RNA binding proteins affecting fitness and lifespan.

Adam Norris
Thumbs Up

PgmNr W407: Longevity and its transgenerational inheritance is enabled by H3K9 methylation.

Teresa Lee
Thumbs Up

Genomics, Gene Regulation and Technology (W)

Adam Norris / Teresa Lee / John Murray / Pavak Shah / Jonathan Liu / Chiara Cerrato / Peter Askjaer / Sevinc Ercan
Thumbs Up

PgmNr M262: Post-translational mechanisms buffer protein abundance against transcriptional variation.

Gary Churchill
Thumbs Up

PgmNr M261: Discovery, assembly, and annotation of subspecies specific haplotypes in classical and wild-derived mouse strains.

Jingtao Li
Thumbs Up

Comparative Genomics, Computational Methods and Evolution (M)

Yoichi Gondo / Thomas Keane / Hopi Hoekstra / Jingtao Li / Gary Churchill
Thumbs Up

PgmNr Y466: Mechanism of non-genetic heterogeneity in yeast growth rate and stress resistance.

Shuang Li
Thumbs Up

PgmNr M255: GENCODE: using new technologies to improve reference mouse genome annotation.

Mark Thomas
Thumbs Up

PgmNr M252: Large-scale discovery of embryonic lethal phenotypes in mice.

Stephen Murray
Thumbs Up

PgmNr M251: Building the first comprehensive functional catalogue of a mammalian genome.

Martin Hrabé de Angelis