Wednesday, June 24, 2015

R markdown, first try using the default example

I tried R markdown following Roger Peng's youtube example, but I had the following error.

output file:
Error: unrecognized fields specified in html_dependency: attachment
Execution halted

Similar problem was online.

My Rstudio is Version 0.98.932

I first installed R3.2.1.
I then installed Rstudio 0.99.447

In Rstudio, I click "Knit-html", this time I was prompt to save a file.
I clicked "Yes", and it updated many packages.

Then, I see the markdown file.

I clicked "open in browser". I can see the html file is in Download folder which I chose.

I then clikced "publish"
I chose "no"

I checked the saved html file. It use javascript and save a lot data within the file itself.

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