Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Feltus et al 2015, genomic big data transfer, a practical guide

 The Widening Gulf between Genomics Data Generation and Consumption: A Practical Guide to Big Data Transfer Technology

 Frank A. Feltus1, Joseph R. Breen III2, Juan Deng3, Ryan S. Izard3, Christopher A. Konger4, Walter B. Ligon III3, Don Preuss5 and Kuang-Ching Wang3

 Supplementary Issue: Current Developments in RNA Sequence Analysis

4 key areas: 
1) data transfer networks, protocols, and applications; 
2) data transfer security including encryption, access, firewalls, and the Science DMZ; 
3) data flow control with software-defined networking; 
4) data storage, staging, archiving and access. 

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