Wednesday, May 3, 2017

IPTG ordering
IPTG ordering
 > 99% purity, dioxane-free
 High efficency on induction of protein expression and blue-white screening in E. coli
 Available at Fisher Scientific (Fisher Cat# 50-112-6936, 50-112-6935, 50-112-6934)
 Large quantity available (up to 100 KG)
 Hugh savings compared to other vendors (see price comparison below)

Price comparison (prices were obtained from vendors' websites)

Packing SizeUBPBioPromegaEMD MilliporeSigma
1 gN/A $52$62.5$63.2
5 gN/A $199$164$279
10 g$50.00N/A$226$474.50
25 g$100.00N/A $473N/A
100 g$300.00 N/A$1,153N/A

UBPBio   12635 E. Montview Blvd, STE 222, Aurora, CO 80045, USA   Email:    Web:  

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