Thursday, April 2, 2015

bio125, April 2,2015 FOA

yeast strain growth 
5pm, yesterday, 1:10 dilution from stationary culture
today, 8am, OD=0.6 after 15 hours.

Section 1

By 8:15am, 3 groups and 7 students were there. missing 3 groups.

Wait for students to trickle in. Play MSH2 project video. Ask them a question on alternative GT repeat design.

I used playdough beads to explain micro satellite repeats.

by 9am. Students received 5ml of culture.

*After spin down, many students was not clear how to add 1mL water, what to transfer from the 15ml falcon tubes to 1.5ml eppendorf tube. This is a recurring problem.

*Some students were not clear which tubes contains the 1X dilution.

*some students did not suspend cells well before transferring.

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