Thursday, July 2, 2015

SMB2015 day 2

=> extracellular matrix and breast cancer invasion
Alissa Weaver
Byoungkoo Lee, use potential energy for a 3D model of extracellular matrix.
tensile modulus and bending modulus 
Q: optimal collegen density of extracellular matrix? collegen fiber

=>eve marder
formal president of neural society
R37 NS17813-35 MERIT award
R01 MH 46743-26
R01 NS 81013-03
P01 NS 402279-02
Swartz foundation

the pyloric rhythm,
like a pace-maker

symmetric network
slow and fast nodes

degenerate mechanism produce same change in behavior.  (one set of experiment observation often is just one small piece of the full picture).

Prinz AA, Bucher D, Marder E, Nat Neuro 2004.

O'Leary et al PNAS 2013

O'Leary et al Neuron 2014
Different sets of regulation rates = different cell types
homeostatic compensation can maintain function

=> Corland Griswold
Eigen value of multiple variate additive model used to describe trait
Griswold assumer recombination bring alleles together that lead to epistasis in offspring. This should imply no espistasis between these alleles in parents!?

heritability and additive genetic variance for multi trait, using single value decomposition approach
Q: this linear and additive model probably cannot address the so-called missing heritability problem.

=> Jim Cushing

matrix model for structured population dynamics, a toy model
x' = P x
P is a project matrix to move population to the next census time.
Perron-Frobenius Theory, spectral radius of P

Semelparous age-structureed Leslie model
heavily stuided and well-understood in 2-3 dimension, but high deminsion are still poorly understood.

cannibalism => reproductive synchrony.

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