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The incoming freshmen have been pre-registered in May by Laura Bass for a Fall schedule. There are several versions of a fall schedule which is based on the student’s ACT scores for their Math placement. 

The ideal schedule:
MATH 1950 – 4 hours
CPSC 1100 – 4 hours 
ENGL 1010 – 3 hours 
General Education – 3-6 Hours 

The above combination may vary for students who do not have an ACT score of 28 (and/or AP credits, joint enrolled HS credits, etc. for math courses that allow them to start in MATH 1950/Calc. I).

Students who may have an ACT score below 19 will have all Gen Ed courses scheduled for now but are being encouraged to either take the Math Dept’s Step Ahead Summer program in August for an opportunity to exit developmental Math or retake the MATH ACT residual for a higher score. If they do not exit developmental Math before classes start they will be required to take developmental Math in Fall at Chatt State or they will be very behind.

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