Tuesday, June 27, 2017

yeast aging, protein biogenesis, translation control

[Janssens+Al:2015] Janssens, Georges E; Meinema, Anne C; Gonzalez, Javier; Wolters, Justina C; Schmidt, Alexander; Guryev, Victor; Bischoff, Rainer; Wit, Ernst C; Veenhoff, Liesbeth M; & Heinemann, Matthias (2015). 'Protein biogenesis machinery is a driver of replicative aging in yeast.' eLife. 4, pp. e08527.

[Blank+Al:2017] Blank, Heidi M; Perez, Ricardo; He, Chong; Maitra, Nairita; Metz, Richard; Hill, Joshua; Lin, Yuhong; Johnson, Charles D; Bankaitis, Vytas A; Kennedy, Brian K; Aramayo, Rodolfo; & Polymenis, Michael (2017). '**Translational control of lipogenic enzymes in the cell cycle of synchronous, growing yeast cells.**' *The EMBO journal*.

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