Wednesday, May 23, 2018

NIA aging cell repository

The NIA Aging Cell Repository is located at the Coriell Institute for Medical Research in Camden, New Jersey, where it provides biological samples from older animals and people to researchers investigating the science behind aging. Cells and DNA samples are collected using strict diagnostic criteria and banked under high-quality standards of cell culture and DNA purification Scientists from more than 40 countries have used the highly characterized, viable, and contaminant-free cell cultures from this collection for cellular and molecular research on the biology of aging.  
Examples of potential uses: Cells from young and old mice can be compared to determine specific differences in how they harvest energy, make new proteins, and dispose of waste. DNA collected from octogenarians, nonagenerians, and centenarians can be used to search for potential biomarkers of aging in people.

How to obtain cell and tissue samples

You can order samples directly from the Coriell Institute. The Institute ships an average of 1,200 cell cultures and over 400 DNA samples or panels from the aging cell bank each year. About 90 percent of the shipments go to investigators at academic, nonprofit, or government institutions; at present, cells and DNA are available to these institutions at no cost. Instructions for ordering cells and additional information on pricing is available at

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