Tuesday, March 24, 2015

bio125, March 24, Tue, 2015, transcription and translation

_ summary of midterm grades to students
_ take picture of transformation results
_ dbSNP
_ ApE
_ central dogma review
_ tRNA questions
_MCAT question, using search to find the questions.

Section 1:
8-8:10am, play central dogma video and wait for students tickling in.

A student asked a question on reading plasmid RE agarose gel picture. She was confused the ruler with the size of the DNA ladder.
AGY124 and 125 are on plate for 2 months now, and probably lost their plasmids, which lead to growth problems.

Section 2:
Spent ~30 minutes on explaining midterm grades.

Many student struggled to write down reverse complementary sequences.
Some students did not know mRNA are synthesized from template strand, mistook complementary strand of the coding sequences as mRNA.

transcription and translation, cartoon


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