Thursday, November 5, 2015

*** bio386, Gordon exercise 20151105Thu

Gordon, file transfer

Procedure to transfer bio386.tar archives from QIN's directory to student directory: 
You can loginto Gordon using ssh or Putty directly
Then go to your file directory:  
cd /oasis/scratch/username/temp_project/
Then copy bio386.tar to your file directory
 cp /oasis/scratch/hongqin/temp_project/bio386.tar . 
tar xvf bio386.tar 
cd Slim-network-aging-bio386-fall-2015
nano -w  20151101-net-sim-ginppi.R
Inside of nano, you should change the username in the following line: 
mydir = '/oasis/scratch/username/temp_project/Slim-network-aging-bio386-fall-2015'
Then control-X save and exit nano
Now, we can need to change the working directory in PBS job script. 
$ nano -w netaging.pbs
Then change username in the following line
 cd /oasis/scratch/hongqin/temp_project/Slim-network-aging-bio386-fall-2015
Then exit and save. 
Then submit the job request
qsub netaging.pbs
If this runs, you are one of the first Spelman students to use a Federally funded super-computer. 
To check the status of your computing jobs
qstat -u username

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