Saturday, November 21, 2015

NIMBIoS undergraduate meeting 20151121

=> Mutation effect on cooperation. Two students from UNC Greensboro
 deterministic model, using Michanis-Menten style models.

=> invasive species and commodity flux
cargo shipping and invasive species
freight analysis framework FAF

S(t+1) = E * P g(St)
where g is the logistical growth, E: environmental matrix. P: transitional probability matrix.
Each state is a node.

"jump' from midwest to 'california'? through shipping, long-distrance dispersion.

=> Pakingson disease orthologs
human GWAS -> worm ortholog -> STRING -> pathway

=> Clinic gait analysis
quantify gait, using relfective markers. motion capture technique.
joint angle data, knee flexion/extension

Current analysis on adult males.
Modeling should be done before operational procedure.

Gage center for motion analysis.
Gillete Children's Healthcare.

software, SIM, openSIM

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