Thursday, April 21, 2016

*** desktop flow cytometer survey

Main fluophores: 
  Propidum Iodide (PI), dihydroethydium (DHE), and dihydrorhodamine (DHR)

My understanding of the basic configuration are (based on CALIBUR):
 blue laser 488nm + red laser 635nm (optional)
Detector channels: FSC, SSC, FL1 green 530nm, FL2 yellow 585, FL3 red 670nm, with an optional  FL4 661nm.

Vendors and models

BioRad S3e Cell Sorter


ACEA NovoCyte 1000 $40K ?
Novote Cyte model 2000, 3000 have more options. CytoFlex

Accuri C6PLUS  $49K

EmdMillipore Muse: $15K,nav#mch100102
Con: Closed system. Cannot be modified ?

Attune NxT Flow Cytomer

Stratedigm FLow Cytometer

Sales rep from BD on Gallios and CytoFlex
As per my voice message, I understand you are looking for a quote for 6 color Gallios Flow Cytometer, but we now have a new, much smaller flow cytometer with greater capability than the Gallios, and less expensive.   It is called the CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer.   The CytoFLEX is available in 21 different configurations from a 1 laser/4 color system to a 3 laser/13 color system in a small box (16in x 16in x 13in).   It is completely upgradable to any configuration at any time.   A 96 well plate loader option is available as are 561 nm and 375 nm laser options.   Independent testing has proven this instrument to be one of the most sensitive instruments in the market today.
 If the 561 or 375 nm lasers interest you, please let me know and I will forward additional information on our CytoFLEX “S” System.

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