Friday, August 26, 2016

Delaney 2013.

Dietary restriction and mitochondrial function link replicative and chronological aging in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Joe R. Delaney a,b, Christopher Murakami a, Annie Chou a, Daniel Carr a, Jennifer Schleit a,
George L. Sutphin
a,b, Elroy H. An a, Anthony S. Castanza a, Marissa Fletcher a, Sarani Goswami a,
Sean Higgins
a, Mollie Holmberg a, Jessica Hui a, Monika Jelic a, Ki-Soo Jeong a, Jin R. Kim a, Shannon Klum a, Eric Liao a, Michael S. Lin a, Winston Lo a, Hillary Miller a, Richard Moller a, Zhao J. Peng a, Tom Pollard a, Prarthana Pradeep a, Dillon Pruett a, Dilreet Rai a, Vanessa Ros a, Alex Schuster a, Minnie Singh a,
Benjamin L. Spector
a, Helen Vander Wende a, Adrienne M. Wang a, Brian M. Wasko a,
Brady Olsen
a, Matt Kaeberlein a,c,⁎ 

Delaney2013 Aging Cell. Show RLS at different CLS time point. This data can be used for binomial aging model fitting. 

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