Friday, July 7, 2017

UTC syllabus tempalte 2017-2018

As you may know, UTC adopted Quality Matters (QM) in 2015. QM provides a set of standards for course design based on  practices proven to enhance student persistence and increase faculty content focus time by reducing focus on course management issues, for example, with course and program alignment as the central principle guiding the standards. Having our course outcomes aligned with course content, activities, and assessment is very important for demonstrating authentic student learning and institutional effectiveness. Many of our courses at UTC have been designed with QM standards and we are moving forward to include QM standard alignment in every UTC course syllabus. As a result, the syllabus template has been updated to include additional required items to address QM standards. These additions to the syllabus will improve student learning and support our continued efforts of curriculum mapping.

I am pleased that the updated syllabus template includes alignments to 13 QM standards. The syllabus checklist has also been updated and explains each of the items in the syllabus template; please use both of these documents when developing your syllabi. An additional benefit to using the syllabus template is that it is in an accessible format. Accessibility is a major initiative on campus and it is our goal that all instructional materials be accessible. The syllabus template also includes a new standardized statement about course evaluations that is required for every syllabus. This statement will assist us in communicating with students about the availability of course evaluations and the importance of completing them. As always, syllabi that contain the required components assist us with SACS COC accreditation.
 If you have questions about the updated syllabus template, please contact the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning at 425-4188 or

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