Friday, November 17, 2017

indoor positioning advances exploiting GZPS and WLAN infrastures

D Akopian

3 billion devices in 2014 relied on positions.
7.5 billions expected in 2019

 Global Navigation Satellite System GNSS

GNSS enabled handsets
multi-constelation GNSS (GPS, Galio, Beidou, GLONASS, etc)

FCC enhanced 911 requirement: original
network based technology, 100 meter of accuracy for 67 percent of calls, with 300 meters of 95 % calls

GPS-enabled phones: 50 meters of accuracy for 67% calls, 100 meters for 95% calls

In 2015, wireless phone must add public safety answring points with reports on their locations

Cell-ID, cell site identifcation (all networks)
Network based position tech vs GPS based positioning tech

A-GPS assistance GPS require cellular network

 WLAN radio landscape and fingerprinting, databased based positioning
challenges: fluctuating signals, landscape surveys

WIFI database, coarse-grid database, commerical vendors

GPS spoofing

crowdsourcing of positioning

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