Saturday, October 11, 2014

SURA meeting 20141010

XSEDE educational meeting, DC.

SURA president is a nuclear physicist.

Changing curriculum is like moving a cemetery.

I am computational and mathematical biologist, statistical geneticist and biophysicist
faculty advisor for Spelman SIAM Chapter
I student gene network and genomics,
network aging,
computing intensive, 2 days for one run.
bioinformatics/systems biology minor
computational genomics
molecular biology
Python and bioinformatics programming
8 courses

Nathan Bowen, CAU
bowen at
404 880 8158

Why Pringles Fly?

Accepting the idea of computational education is accepted.

Seismic data and image computing, simulation, subsurface

Can major courses also be used for minor requirement? 


Culture change, faculty training,

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