Thursday, September 10, 2015

bio233, 20150910Thu ch4, mole biol, part 1

SPDB viewer to flash drives
HP laptops
Playdough for major grooves demo, right hand helix.

2:30-3pm, student draw central dogma. I showed my example to give students hints. I went over the slides during the drawing activity.
Problems:  Two students put start and stop codons to transcription.

10 minutes, SWISS PDB Viers on 5' and 3'end of DNA strand.
Problems: I forgot to tell the color code to the students. I save this by writing the code on the board.

30 minutes, playdoug on right handed DNA double helices.
Problems: 3 out of 8 groups made left-hand helices.

The class stopped at DNA double helices.

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