Tuesday, January 20, 2015

bio125, Tue, Jan 20, 2015, DNA structure, replication

_Camcorder to record student performance.

Section 1: 
_Go over student assignments

8:20-9am, do exericse in class on nucleotide structure, chromosome, and replication.

One student asked the difference between nucleosome and chromosome. I used a cable and some balls made from playdough to illustrate the nucleosome made of histone complex wrapped by DNA strands.

section 1, 9-9:30
_NCBI nucleotide database, video capture
mRNA (Kozak sequence, translation initiation)

section 1: 9:30-10:00
_ApE, CDS, reverse complementation

section 1, 10:am
_R and Rstudio for the assignment,
_simple R demo code
_make solution demo code

Youtube video was cropped off the top section during iMovie editing.

What worked: 
I screen cast many lectures and demo and uploaded them in-time for for section 2.

Section 2: 
30 min:
_Go over student assignments. Several groups in this section had problems with math problems.

_NCBI nucleotide database

1:45-2:13, let students help each other.
_ApE, CDS, reverse complementation

by 2:30pm
_ build nucleotide exercise

_R and Rstudio for the assignment,
_simple R demo code

_make solution demo code 
One student asked about "#" in the R codes. Some students asked about the parenthesis.

3:20, ask students to summarize the class.

For homework assignment:  nucleotide structure, chromosome, and replication.

Some student have trouble downloading Rstudio. 

Not used:
_Central dogma review (concept map, group activity)
_Prepare R and Rstudio on flashdrives

_DNA structure and replication, with MSH2's role mentioned briefly
human genome 3 billion DNAbase
yeast, how big?
Brooker chapter 11 slides

Go-over brocker questions in classes

Past student presentations on MSH2 project
Past project poster

Note, in 2015 spring, students are said to have learned micro pipette usage in BIO120.

Optional: Serial dilution exercise using colored papers and petri dishes

skipped: DNA double struck in SPDB, based bio233 materials on DNA.

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