Wednesday, February 3, 2016

bio125, XbaI + ApaI cut pMSH2, pRS413, pmsh2

Before class:
check 37C water-bath or heat block
Xba1 and Apa1 mix

Section 1:
Some students did not know that digestion and controls are do in parallel, not sequential.
How to make master mix
Many students have below 100ng/uL plasmid to start with
Some are not sure about diluted plasmid and reaction tubes.
Some students left their eppendorf tubes open all the time.
Do not add water to original plasmid stocks.

Lab instructor removed 10ul pipette because so many of them are broken by the students last year.

9am I started with master mix. This is a mistake. I should start with plasmid DNA dilution steps.

10am. most students are still struggling to the recipe.

10:15am, many finished master mix.

11am. Only one group is still doing the lab.

Section 2:
What is master mix?
Students mixed up original DNA stocks and diluted DNA working stocks.

1pm, started overview of the lab.
1:10pm, explain plasmid dilution right away.

2:37pm, most groups are working on master mix.

3:15pm, incubation for most groups starts.


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