Friday, February 19, 2016

bio125 20160219Fri agarose gel of RE PCR fragments

For the lab:
Loading dye on student desks
100bp ladder will be put on instructor's desk, only given to students after they have used the loading dye.

During gel run, go over 2015 midterm open book part.

9am. section 3.
Lab instructor mistakenly gave ladder as loading dye to one group of students, luckily, the student discovered the error.

One group reversed cut-uncut on the gel. One group mistook loading dye as ladder. Both groups blame instructors for interfering their experiments.

Lockdown browser quiz test
Midterm open book test. 

The lab finished 30 minutes earlier.

1pm, section 4
Most students said that they did not how much volume of 6X loading dye to add to 20ul digestion.

gel run for 45 minutes

2:50pm. the lab ended.


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