Friday, February 12, 2016

bio125 20160212Friday PCR amplification of MSH2

Problem: for video on screen, red does not show on black background.

Section 3:
=>dilute plasmid to 5 ng/uL
9:25am, went over recipe

add large volume of water first. For 200uL pipette, round up the volume to the nearest integers.

Take away concentrated plasmids.

=>PCR master mix.
Go over PCR master mix recipe

9:38am  PCR beads are given to students

label  both sides of pcr tubes because they can be worn off during PCR. 

=> set up reaction.

Problems: One group added master mix into diluted plasmids.

=> try respondus lockdown broswer

=> 30 minutes on PCR paper exercise.

Section 4:
 1:30pm, most group submitted wrong plasmid dilution recipe.

by 2pm, at least 3 groups have not started to dilute their pasmid DNA.
by 2:20pm, some groups finished their PCR reactions.

ask a group to finis paper pcr on boards.

homework common problems:
Wrong: HNPCC has no symptoms, a google trap.


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