Friday, April 1, 2016

bio125, 20160401Fri FOA

Materials: FOA plates, cells, serial water, Eppendorf tubes.

Section 3:
Ask the purpose of URA3 and FOA,
9:20, draw a diagram on the board. 
Go over previous student mistakes, not mix cells well, label the cover, adding cells to the cover. 
9:30, students started the lab. Students should have 9 tubes, and can be balanced triangularly in centrifuge. 
9:47. Students cannot see the pellet for OD=0.01. I remind them to orient their tubes the same way, so they can know where the pellet positions, even they cannot see the pellet.
One group only labeled OD on the tube but not strain names, and are confused after centrifuging
by 10:30, four groups are still working on the lab, because they have to redo the dilutions.
Forgot to ask students to label their section, and group on plates.

Section 4:
Emphasize that tubes during spin should be arranged 

One group was not sure that tips need to be changed each time for a different dilution.


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