Wednesday, February 1, 2017

UTC, CPSC course folder requirement

Course Folder (with or without ABET assessment)

Please include the following items in your course folder. Please note that you would need item 6, only if your course is being assessed that semester. If you are teaching co-listed course (e.g., CPSC 4440/5440), prepare two sets of documents, one for each course.

Please note, only undergraduate course will be involved in the ABET assessment process.

Please create a folder for each of the following items and include all the documents related to that item in the folder.

1.    Syllabus

2.    Lecture Notes (if applicable)

3.    Assignments (A copy of all assignments including but not limited to homework, projects, and labs)

4.    Exams (A copy of all quizzes and exams throughout the semester)

5.    Student Grades (Including the final averages and letter grades)

6.    ABET Outcome:

a.    Outcome * Assessment document (replace * with the outcome applicable to your course –Please make sure to use the template).
b.    Student Portfolios (This refers to all the graded student work that are used for ABET outcome evaluation.
c.     PLEASE NOTE: Comments and grades should show on student work being used for assessment. 

7.    Full Student Portfolios (This refers to all the graded student work including all graded student work from all the exams.)

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