Friday, February 23, 2018

Female meiotic drive, Mimulus



female gametogensis is asymmetric, only one egg but 3 poly bodies. So, there is advantage for genes to be meiotic drivers.

Malik & Hensoff 2001, centromeric drive model. Cost associated with meiotic drive.

Mimulus best case of centromere meiotic drive. Fishman et al 2005, 2008. 
strong hetero-specific drive. M nasutus vs M. guttatus

weak conspecific drive in M. guttatus

Do CenH3 and centromer co-evolve?
Most abundant repeats in WG tend to be centromeric repeats

Finseth found many codons with >2 omega.
Finseth look for GWS in F2 plants, 122 individuals, 1247 markers (14 linkage groups, 14 chromosomes)

Look for genetic suppresor of CenH3 meiotic drive using genewise linkage disequilibrum (r^2),
D in nonrecombining block, suggesting recent selective sweep (Q: how is genetic surfing excluded? )

CenH3A and CenH3B

plan for population

Mimulus does not grow in TN?

Silene in TN
dioecious species
gynodiecious species


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