Wednesday, February 28, 2018

meiofauna diversity

meiofauna diversity, good topic for image analysis

reference: "multispecies coalescent delineate structure, not species. "

cytochrome oxidase subunit 1, phylogeny study
"cryptic diversity"

haplotype network show population structures, ototyphlonemertes duplex

spatial-phylo plot, which tool?

oil spill effect on meiofauna, population genomics study

global genomics initiative,

genome initiative workfow,
library prep, WGS, quality check. contamination genome, genome assemble.

meta barcoding genes on 18S (nuclear) and COI (mitochondrial). however, 18S is not informative, COI lacks universal primers

Metagenomics, unknown pools of worms,
poor reference genomes

PALADIN: protein alignment for functional profiling whole metagenome shotgun data

assembled mitochondrial genomes from meta-genomes

signal strength in WGS: single cell organism versus multi cell organisms

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