Saturday, January 18, 2014

BIO125 day 1, Jan 16 Thu, spring 2014, Overview and team building.

Go over syllabus, learning objectives.

Use name tags to introduce everyone.

Lab safety guidelines.

IRB, academic integrity, backgrounds, photo and video release forms.

Tested clickers using questions on some simple yeast facts.

Test HP laptop logins, wireless connections.

Students finished the surveys and self-exercises on DNA structures in class.

Use  play-dough to make right-handed DNA double-helices in class, a team building activity.  Two groups finished smoothly, The third group made a left-handed helix twice. I made a right-hand snake and a right-handed snake as demo. I show the students they should first make a pair of parallel strands,  make a right-hand twist, and then lay flat on the counter surface.  All groups made right AT and GC pairs. Most students googled on the number of hydrogen bonds and the number of bps in each DNA helix loop.

Three HP laptops in the rear corner on the left-hand side have wireless connection problems. Ethernet were used.

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