Tuesday, January 14, 2014

H2O2-LOH, strain-averaged data, distribution of Cv and Cb.

Distribution of Cv and Cb in yeast natural isolates

Stain-averaged data are in file "LOHH2O2_averaged20131210_v1.csv".  These data were obtained by supervised gnls fitting.

Distribution of H2O2-viability midpoints (Cv) :
Largest change is 0.17/0.0065 = 26 fold
Histogram of H2O2-viability is:

Distribution of H2O2-LOH midpoints (Cb) :
Largest change is 0.086/0.0065 = 13 fold.
Histogram H2O2-LOH is:

Working directory is   ~/projects/0.LOH_H2O2_2012-master/analysis
Script is _3b.2013Dec10.summarizeFiting.H2O2LOH.R

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