Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Li Ma defense, haplotype, Qing Song lab, Morehouse medical school

Fu and Ma in prep

Teri manlolio,

Schizophrenia, Lee 2012, GWAS

Smemo etal Nature 2014 longrage haplotype FTO IRX3

haplotyping methods
GMP 2001, nat genetics
Qiagen 2005
Polony2006, Nat Genet
Barcode 2009, Nat Method
Fosmid 2011, Nat biotech
HiC 2013, Nat Biotech
Illumina 2014, Nat biotech,

Laser microdissection of chromosomes, take half of 46 chrosomes, by chance we can get some single chromosomes which can be used for haplotyping.
23 chromosome is 3.5pg,  amplified to 5-8ug for highthroughput sequencing.
Use heterozygosity of identify diploid and haploid chromosomes.

HiFi software

Quake Dataset

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