Saturday, July 12, 2014

Efficacy, effectiveness, biological activity

Efficacy, as in therapeutic efficacy?


"In medical parlance, “efficacy” and “effectiveness” mean different things, and it’s a nuance that’s quite significant. Efficacy is a narrower definition that means how well something works in an ideal or controlled setting, such as a clinical trial. Effectiveness describes how well it works under “real-world” conditions. Effectiveness, for example, takes into consideration how easy a drug is to use, and potential side effects, whereas efficacy measures only how well it produces the desired result."

So, assume 'functional efficacy' of gene interaction to be non-aging is more appropriate. 

Or, I can just used the word "reliability" (although, reliability of gene interaction may be confused with reliability of network). Reliability is clear to me, but not to others. 

Biological activity,
Effective activity

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