Thursday, August 28, 2014

bio233 chapter 2, microscopy, intro to microbe world

Preparation: Plastic sheets, pencils, dark markers,

=> About 20 minute,  plastic sheets drawing exercises for contrast, group project
one bacterial cell drawn with pencils and
one cell drawn with dark markers
 for contrast activities.
Most groups drew very nice pictures.

=> Went through slides and used clicker based questions.

A students asked what should be remembered.


  • I forget to share PPT screen after the video showing.
  • YouTube live-recording does not allow 'pen' feature on PPT.
  • Bamboo pen does not go to the Monitor window. When I synchronized my desktop and the monitor window, I lost my screensharing windows. 
  • I had trouble of locating of my live-event control window. I had two of them opening at the same time for a while. 

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