Thursday, August 21, 2014

BIO233 day 1, Fall 2014

o over syllabus, grading policies, grading policies.

Ask student read lab safety policies. 

Mentioned that reading and assignment will be due before class. 

IRB, academic integrity form, photo and video release forms.

I then used power pointer to test clickers.

I live-recorded my lecture on YouTube. The powerpoint is set to individual window model. Youtube live-events can recognize the monitor window.

I used name tags to remember student names.  I went over 3 round to call each student name. 


I tried to show the spring 2014 bio233 final exam. The second part of the final has a problem, with an error message saying that only programmer can fix this. I later found the
 last question has an error. After deleting the last question, the exam can be shown. 

Three out the 22 students could not read the words on the screen. They seem have eyesight problems but are not wearing glasses. 

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