Friday, August 1, 2014

yeast14, august 1, afternoon

=> temperature sensitive genetic interactions
4.4x more than the 2010 version.

negative essential interactions are functionally informative (are locally important).
In other words, possitive genetic interactions are long-range. 

=> sirtuins substrates, David Paul Toczyski
nitotinamide treatment, quantitatvie mass-spec

52 substrates of sirtuins, many are TFs, growth and ribosome biogenesis

=> Ohnuki, Ohya, phenotyping in haplosufficiency in essential genes

ribosomal complex
chaperonin CCT complex

positive correlated GO terms:
netative correlated  GO terms: proteosome <--> tRNA synthesis

=> disordered proteins,  Daniel Jarosz
20 yeast proteins with prion domain (N/Q rich)
screens show many more, suggest more non-canonical prion-domains

GAR+ loves longer than gar-
bacteria elicit [GAR+] via a small molecule (unknown)

GAR+ coexist with bacteria

=> Hofmann
Ure2, Cyc8, Sfp1, Mot3 --> FLO11, HXT2

predicted prion TFs

FLO11 bistable
Holmes 2013 Cell

fermentable carbon ~ nonfermentable carbon

azide blocks electron transfer chain

FLO11 is heavily glycosylated, a glucose sink

Iodine staining of colony (glycogen)

50 nM R3a-5a small molecule inhibitor of manno-transferase?

Dan G: why cheater? Just two mode of development states?  (It is the same genome.)

=> Ben Tu's lab, mitochondria biogenesis
 yeast metabolic cycles
glucose depletion and ethenao+glycerol  induce mitochondria biogenesis

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