Monday, August 24, 2015

bio233, lab, 20150824 Monday, sampling microbes on campus

bio233 20150824 Monday

Problem: Apple side of the dual boot computer cannot be logged in. 

=> reminder, many assignments due before class.
  Remind students that quizs are adaptive, and slides are provided. 

=> pre-class survey on computing
=> survey on metric proficiency

X => Go over lab safety
Lab safety signature

=> laptops
Youtube live-event recording with powerpoint

Lab prep:
x nutrient plates
steril cotton swipes (plenty of them in 245 cabinets in the back)
marker pens (need to order more)

serial number of the plates, student last name, place, location
make a serial number of each plate date-group#-plate#
label the plates on the sides in the back,

Demos, sterile technique,

sample the same size of area,

take picture of locations

parafilm seal the plates, leave at room temperature


next Monday, Tue, instructor will be away. No class meeting, but online assignments (scale of microbes) will be given.

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