Friday, August 7, 2015

qbio day3

=> Chakraborty mit HIV vaccine

=> Robin Lee, Univ of Pittsburgh, NFkB 


=> synthetic oscillator

=> xiling shen, 
incoherent forward loop
cancer stem cell turn on? asymmetric division

=> Martin howard, fission yeast size.
Pom1 and Cdr2
Pom1 gradient was thought as a reason, but the two nature papers were wrong. Pom1 is on membrane. 
Medial accumulation of cdr2. 
cdr2 is an area sensor. 
rga4D fatter cell, rga2D thinner cell
Jun & Taheri-Araghi, Trends microbiology 2015,
Ecoli adder
Scerevisiae between adder and sizer.

=> Li, vision
picture -> feature map -> salience map
16:30-17:00 Li Zhaoping, UCL, A theory of the primary visual cortex, its zero-parameter quantitative prediction, and its experimental tests

=> Xiao Wang, ASU, biomedical engineering
quorum-sensing crosstalk network

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