Monday, August 31, 2015

cyberbridge discussion #5, #6

#5 cyber infrastructure in classroom.
#6 computer literacy
=> Sustainability of continuously changing curriculum
=> Balance of subject contents and learning programming skills

Mechnical Engineering

challenge in classroom.

outdate technology in classroom.
technology change too fast.  limited teaching support (few money),
When technology is in classroom, it is outdated already.

=> Sustainability of continuously changing curriculum
Mobile technology device are discouraged in purchasing.
Emulated environment?

Intro to Programming for Engineering students

For undergraduate education,
C syntax overhead
Python, popular.

=> Balance of subject contents and learning programming skills

Computer literacy as Core requirement is too simple for Science major

 MATLAB has penetrated the undergraduate like a plague.

computing mechanical engineering. no time on computing language
MATLAB, coding in class

Requirement in CS courses

Level of complexity in engineering.
Subject content is already too heavy. Programming language not enough time.
Subject problem is too complex.

Research program versus 'polished programs'

MATLAB does not provide a good understanding of  "Computational concepts"

#4 interdisciplinary research
money and publications
Tenure and promotion focus on individual effort.

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