Thursday, August 27, 2015

sbio233, chapter 2, cell structure and function

Plastic sheets, pencils, dark markers, => contrast
Play dough =>  morphology
A tray of water, a small bottle of oil, a micro pipetman and tips => thin lipid layer. 

2:30pm. Ask student to draw with colored markers. I draw a cell with a pencil.

3pm. Have trouble with video play in powerpoint. I played manually using the html file.

3:10  playdough exercise on morphology.
 3 playdough balls. Roll two of them to cylinder. Roll one cylinder into spiral.

3:30pm, surface/volume ~ radius function. Which figure? Socrative poll.

3:35pm, membrane structure

Ecoli negative. Bsu positive.
Resolution and wave length.
Three types: rod, cocci, spirilum.
surfae to volume ratio
membrane structure

Class stoppped at 2.8

Problems: The podium computer windows does not play the video in powerpoint. I had to play them with html files.

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