Tuesday, February 24, 2015

bio125 Tue Feb24,2015 agarose gel of PCR fragment cut by RE

Section 1

Projector malfunctioned. I put my screen on GoogleHangout and posted link to News forum.

Gel were precasted for the students.

9-10am. Go over open book practice.

10am, gel picture taken.  Students are still not clear about PCR product analysis on pMSH2 during lab report.

section 1: http://spelelearn.spelman.edu/mod/quiz/view.php?id=151330

Section 2:
Projector has been rewired.

Some students were confused about the side ladder and loading dye. Luckly, we correct it before they started.

Went over open book midterm practice exam.

2:50pm. Students took pictures of their agarose gels.

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