Friday, January 29, 2016

bio125 20150129 Friday, miniprep

Section 3:
Many students were confused by the difference from actual protocol and vendor's version
one group added twice amount of TE
tips were not changed for new samples in one group.
one group did not put zppy column inside of collection tubes.

Neutralization buffer were stored at 4C, and given to students when needed.
Reagent tubes were color coded. A good practice that seems to lead to few student mistakes.  

5ml cells were spun down and given to students.

9:45am, transfer neutralized supernatant to zppy columns.

10:30am. 3 groups started nanodrop measurement.
by 11am, students finished nanodrop readings, and submit labnotes_2.
Classed end 11:30am.

Section 4:
one student mistook 10ul as 100ul when pipetting.
One student poured away TE buffer. (This student did not read before lab).
Make sure three samples are done at the same time.
Kioko: from lysis to neutralization should be quick. 

2:30pm, most groups have finished elusion step.

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