Wednesday, January 27, 2016

bio125, 20160127, Wed, central dogma, dna repair, msh2 overview

Section 3

Go over assignment and Student presentations 
problems: double-strand and single strand DNA

APE on GeneX

9:55am Replication 3
Problem: Some studens thought DNA was synthesized 3-5 on the lagging strand.
Seize this teachable moment, ask student to draw replication fork, leading and lagging strands on paper.

5 min break.

   mutation, HSV paper ATM S1981 reference

by 11am, Rstudio usage on standard curves. I made a mistake on the dilution.

11am-> APE on MSH2 annotation.

video on miniprep for Thu

Section 4: (due to snow, bradford assay and serial dilution lab data were not analyzed). 
Summaryize lab

1-2pm, Go over standard curve plot. 

2pm-3pm  APE pMSH2 annotation
KD was not practicing APE. 

Went through math5 standard curve as well.

No other inclass assignment were done. Did not went through preclass assignment.

pre-class: central dogma, DNA repair , MSH2 overview (abstract reading),,

(1) Replication (in class, drawings-mutation), 
(2) mutation, HSV paper

(2) Math problem 5, standard curve

(3) MCAT

Running R code on linear regression, generating plot and save figures

ApE usage

replication assignment 3

mutation&repair  assignment 1


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