Friday, January 22, 2016

bio125, 20160122Fri bradford assay of protein concentration, serial dilution

Snow storm is coming. Try to finish the lab quickly.
9am section 3.
AH went over lab safety.
9:07am, AH explained pipette usage and tips, two level of pressure. Properly eject the tips during exchange.

Shown recipe on the screen using student preclass submission and flow-chart.
9:28am, emphasize that bradford be added at the last step. 

Students were asked to figure out way to perform experiement on their own, only asking for help when they are 'challenged'. AH mostly answered students questions.

by 9:52, most students are adding NaCl solutions to eppendorf tubes.

Student Problems: 
One group add the curve in the wrong way. This is a recurring problem.

I then went over R code on standard curve preparation and analysis. I explained that sample codes will always provide to students in bio125.
R and Rstudio demo for data analysis

Review homework and assignment. No time, leave for next class.

9am section 3. 1-2pm. College closes at 2pm.

Only 10 students out of 18 students did pre-lab assignment. Among the 10 submitted, many of them are wrong.

Make sure protein are thawed.
Make sure unknown protein tube is not mistaken as BSA standard.

To save time, add solution directly to the curvettes.

Some student touch tips into working solutions and then used the same tips for stocks again.
Several groups still add wrong volumes.


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