Wednesday, January 20, 2016

bio125, 20160120Wed

Section 1: 
9am-10:15 _Go over student assignments
NCBI data exercise

8:20-9am, do exericse in class on nucleotide structure, chromosome, and replication.
Problems: replication origin of circular chromosome in bacteria, heavy and light chain of replicated DNA,

10:20 _ApE
_ApE, CDS, reverse complementation

Add flowchart assignment for Day 2 on Moodle.

Socrative SPD on nucleotide structure

Summarize class by calling students to answer some problems on 3'OH, cell cycle phases.

Prep next class. Explain 5X meaning.
1 part of mix of y , 5 part of water,

Section 2: 
_Go over student assignments. Several groups in this section had problems with math problems.
_NCBI nucleotide database

PRoblems, 3' and 2' deoxy ribose, proofreading, genes in replication, GC content, 

1:50pm, right hand and left hand helix. 

2pm, ask students to reviews the questions. 

to 3pm. APE exercise on translate MSH2 ORF

Not used:
_Central dogma review (concept map, group activity)

_DNA structure and replication, with MSH2's role mentioned briefly
human genome 3 billion DNAbase
yeast, how big?
Past student presentations on MSH2 project
Past project poster

skipped: DNA double struck in SPDB, based bio233 materials on DNA.

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