Sunday, January 10, 2016

Essential genes, gene networks in human, Jiang etal, Genome biology, 2015

Peng Jiang, X. Shirley Liu Genoem Biology, 2015, 16:239; network based prediction of essential genes

Essential genes in human are studied this paper. These data can be used for network aging modeling in human. 

3. 2014, Broad-DREAM Gene Essentiality Prediction Challenge. Available at:!Synapse:syn2384331/wiki 
(Registration is needed for downloading the data)

"Recently published CRISPR loss-offunction screen data [4, 5, 8], and selected three cell
lines (K562, HL60, and A375) with publicly available gene expression data [26 28]. "

4. Shalem O, Sanjana NE, Hartenian E, Shi X, Scott DA, Mikkelsen TS, et al. Genome-scale CRISPR-Cas9 knockout screening in human cells. Science. 2014;343:847.
5. Wang T, Wei JJ, Sabatini DM, Lander ES. Genetic screens in human cells using the CRISPR-Cas9 system. Science. 2014;343:804.
8. Gilbert LA, Horlbeck MA, Adamson B, Villalta JE, Chen Y, Whitehead EH, et al. Genome-scale CRISPR-mediated control of gene repression and activation. Cell. 2014;159:64761.

STRING network
The STRING network genes were grouped into 2,271 dense complexes using SPICi [31]. 

Roadmap project 

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