Saturday, January 7, 2017

copy blackboard content to another course

The new version of Blackboard system 9.1 has split the former “Copy” option from the context menu into two options “Copy” and “Move”.  The “Move” function is available for all objects you can use in a content area, including Assignments, Tests and Surveys. However the “Copy” function is only available for those elements that do no reflect a result in the Grade Center. (pretty stupid design indeed)
To copy assignment becomes a little bit tricky now. According the answers from Blackboard Ask The Doctors:
It is by design that there’s no “Copy” button to an assignment in 9.1 (and earlier versions of Blackboard as well).   When an assignment is created and deploy, it is not just a simple content item, but also contains links into the grade center, creating a new column for assignment file management and grading.  So assignments can be copied using a course copy that includes both the content areas and the grade center.
Deployed tests are the same way–they cannot be copied individually from the content area where they are deployed, but have to be copied as part of a course copy that includes the content area, the tests/surveys/pools, and the grade center.

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