Friday, January 27, 2017

flow charts software for education

Sent by JD

Runs on Windows. There is apparently a version for Ubuntu Linux that
doesn't have all the features. May be runnable on a Mac using Wine or
other Windows emulation software. No support for iOS. Can do
object-oriented flowcharting and can generate Java code. Doesn't appear
to have the graphical capabilities of Visual Logic.

Runs on Windows. Will generate code in a number of high-level languages,
but can execute directly from the flowchart like Visual Logic.

Runs on Windows. Looks to be more of a pseudocode-type language, but
generates flowcharts.

None of the above appears to be runnable on iOS devices (we discussed
the desirability of being able to run on iPads). So far, the only
similar product I have found that runs on iOS is Hopscotch:

It is intended to give kids exposure to coding concepts. I'm not sure if
it can do all the same things as Visual Logic. Does anyone else have
experience with it?

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