Tuesday, January 27, 2015

bio125, Jan 27, Tue, central dogma, dna repair, msh2 overview

Section 1:
Go over assignment and Student presentations 
=>Repair problem #4 not right. #5 not right? 

8:38am replication 3 in class, drawing 
bottom 2, helicase or topoisomase?

9:15am,   mutation, HSV paper
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20026654 ATM S1981 reference

9:15-10am, student demo
ApE on gene X preclass assignment

10-10:10am Rstudio usage on standard curves, led by a student

10:15, msh2 video presentation of spring 2014.

Section 2:

Go over assignment and Student presentations 
=>mutation, #4 #5

by 1:50 pm, finished NSV1 problem set in class

by 2pm, finished replication picture quiz, (This seems really helpful).

2:15pm, standard curve
2:43pm, ApE
by 3pm, reviewed math 4 assignment

3pm, show msh2 student presentaiton video:
Ask students to identify gene, cancer, subtype, mechanism, model organism,

pre-class: central dogma, DNA repair , MSH2 overview (abstract reading),,

(1) Replication (in class, drawings-mutation), 
(2) mutation, HSV paper

(2) Math problem 5, standard curve

(3) MCAT

Running R code on linear regression, generating plot and save figures

ApE usage

replication assignment 3

mutation&repair  assignment 1

MCAT problem set on DNA replication

Review lab report

Math problem review

MSH2 project overview, Socrative quiz using old problems


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