Monday, March 10, 2014

Synch paper2 libraries in two laptops

Papers3 is available for os 10.7.x with Euro29 ,  I decided to stay with Paper2.

I turned on the 'file sharing' on 'ace'.

On 'byte', I zipped the Library.paper2 folder. I then copy-pasted the ace/hongqin/Library/Application Support/Papers2/* to the byte/hqin/Library/Applicaiton Support/Papers2/

The 15.26G transfer is estimated to take an hour.  11:40am -->13:05.
After sync, I need to reactivate Papers2,  probably because the previous registration info has been erased because the entire  Papers/ folder is replaced.

After re-activate Papers2 on 'byte', all materials seem to have to restored.


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