Saturday, March 15, 2014

install octave on a Mountain Lion laptop,

Try to install octave for "Byte" with os 10.9.2.

$ sudo port install octave @3.6.4_12

... ... ... 
--->  Building clang-3.3
Error: for port clang-3.3 returned: command execution failed
Error: Failed to install clang-3.3
Please see the log file for port clang-3.3 for details:
Error: The following dependencies were not installed: atlas clang-3.3 epstool fftw-3-single gawk glpk gnuplot aquaterm wxWidgets-3.0 wxWidgets_select gperf grep pcre gsed hdf5-18 less pstoedit ImageMagick djvulibre urw-fonts plotutils qhull qrupdate transfig netpbm
To report a bug, follow the instructions in the guide:
Error: Processing of port octave failed

Then try install binary "GNU_Octave_3.8.0-6.dmg" from sourceforge. This worked.

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