Friday, January 30, 2015

*** Instructional Technolog request on LotusNote

To request add student TA into Moodle course. 

The following link only worked on Lotus Notes 9 at Windows. (Did not work on Lotus Notes 8 in my apple laptop)

To Submit an Instructional Technology Request:

1.  From the Lotus Notes Dashboard 
select  MIT Requests in Category section 
2. Select 
MIT Requests in the Applications section in the right column
3. Click on the 
Submit Requests folder
4. Click on 
Service Request
5. Complete the request
6. Click 

You can also
 email your support request to the Service Desk at

For Moodle course request: 
  • Locate the MIT Request category
  • Select Instructional Technology Request form
  • Click Open Selected App button
  • Open Submit Request folder
  • Click Moodle Course link
  • Complete form as instructed

For Moodle User access 

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